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We have a variety of products and services on offer to suit every need and budget. Our clients and partners range from telecom vendors to mobile rental companies. Below are mentioned some plans and products that can of course be customised to the specific needs of clients/bulk buyers.

International Phone Cards

The customers can choose from the two types of phone cards to suit their needs and usage.

1. Postpaid Calling card

Before your departure from Jamaica, you can get a post paid mobile number of the country you are visiting. Contact any Ocho Rios Card Centre in Jamaica to choose a suitable bill plan and to check the availability of preferred number. This would entitle you to receive:

  • Free incoming calls in many countries.
  • Save hugely on international roaming.

2. Prepaid Calling Card

  • Get yourself registered for a prepaid card with any international service provider and get the phone card before you leave Jamaica. This would enable you to:
  • Keep a watch over your international calling and roaming expenses
  • Minutes-based cards
  • Shed all worries related to bill payments

Carry Ocho Rios phone cards while travelling overseas and save yourself a bundle on roaming charges.

Phone Accessories

The Ocho Rios Card Centre offers various phone accessories in bulk, thus the cost per piece works out to be relatively low for telecom vendors, who can earn a good margin on each. We procure phone accessories from top-notch brands, known for their quality, easy usage, value for money and hassle-free functioning. Our range of accessories includes the following items:

  • Mobile case
  • Earphones available in different jack sizes
  • Memory cards
  • Bluetooth device
  • Car charger USB
  • Phone battery
  • Screen Protector
  • USB travel charger

We stock accessories for all major mobile brands and models. These products are verified for:

  • Quality compliance
  • Social compliance
  • Environmental compliance
  • Security compliance

Internet Service Top Cards

These days, life for anyone is unimaginable without internet access. However since roaming can cost you a bomb, depending upon your needs, you can opt for one of our following internet service data plans:

  • Country-specific plans
  • Global specific plan
  • Both these services run on blackberry.

Lot 2 Pointe Cres Ocho Rios
St. Ann, Jamaica

Business Hours

Mon – Thurs 8:30am – 5:30pm
Fri – Sat 8:30am – 6:00pm

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